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Logic is Beside the Point

I’ve never made much of New Year’s Eve. For the most part I’ve opted to stay in…to avoid all the drunks who seem a little too desperate to have a good time. Last year I ventured out and it was a mixed bag. But this year? I have rather more compelling tentative plans, but I’m not sure I can pull them off. I could meet up with the boyfriend (who I haven’t seen in over a week now) in one of my favorite cities. From the Chicago Tribune:

We’ve all been there. Cynicism creeps in and New Year’s Eve can feel like an annual ripoff, the time of year that pressures everyone to have a good time—the time of their lives!—while spending inflated prices to be entertained. But there’s hope whenever great music is being played, and there’s a plethora of it available next Wednesday in the hours leading up to midnight.

One such show will take place at the Empty Bottle. Jay Reatard (who I adore but have never seen live) is headlining. And playing with Chicago’s White Mystery. If that show were to sell out, my friend Pete’s band Tight Phantomz is also playing in Chicago that night. But in order to get myself to either show I have to make arrangements for my son’s care and so far that isn’t panning out. Insert frown.

day 360, Xmas morning, luchador style

Bonus: The end of an imperfect yet magical era.
Plus: The lad and I enjoyed the latest Wallace & Gromit short film, A Matter of Loaf and Death.
And: Apparently the tubes are clogged. Personally I haven’t noticed any lag time with the sites I frequent, or with my iPhone, but I haven’t left the house today so the phone is utilizing my home wifi.

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