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The Future Begins

My brain is currently in the OFF position. I’m just going to succumb to Maria’s meme, and enjoy the disjointed jumble that was my year. Curious to see what sort of word soup 2009 will bring.

Look at the posts you’ve made in the past year, and paste the first line of the first post of each month.

January 2008: I have unintentionally upheld my annual tradition of hurling on or around New Year’s, even though I don’t drink.

February 2008: Liars played a show in Lawrence, KS last night.

March 2008: I have not been able to complete a thought lately.

April 2008: Our vacation is coming to an end.

May 2008: Earlier, when I was on the phone with J, he let out a hearty giggle.

June 2008: Been battling a migraine and processing some seriously depressing
news - from multiple fronts - but I’m trying my damndest to keep things light and fluffy.

July 2008: Thinking dark thoughts and desperately trying to suppress petty impulses, but it’s hard sometimes.

August 2008: Tonight I made Lebanese green bean stew.

September 2008: Yesterday the lad and I enjoyed the tail end of the Liberty Parade, then high-tailed it out to the burbs for his first ever visit to the Drive In.

October 2008: For some reason these places exist only on the fringes, in the far-flung suburbs.

November 2008: The verdict?

December 2008: Our long holiday weekend was so wonderful that I went into this Monday morning with a spring in my step.

day 351, glowing orb

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