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Positive Communal Stimulation

Last night my son had the longest petit mal seizure I’d ever seen. I happened to be sitting next to him, in a crowded restaurant, and watched it from start to finish. The seizure went on for so long I had to choke down some mild panic. As always it was like I could see him just below the surface, though his face was still and without expression, but he couldn’t hear or see me. I often wonder just where he goes during these episodes. And I doubt I’ll ever know.

And now the other cat is sneezing too. Sigh.

We’ve got a busy day ahead of us. Desperately trying to get some more of my novel out (and to stop beating myself up about not writing at all yesterday) while the boy watches cartoons. Then there is a Fight the H8: Stand Up for Same-Sex Marriage Rights rally at 12:30pm in Minneapolis today. And the Theater de la Jeune Lune rummage sale. And the book reading by writers from The Onion. And dinner with friends. And then the sitter is coming so that I, the straightedge vegan person, can attend a PIG ROAST. At a BREWERY. The fine folks at Uptown Tattoo sure didn’t have me in mind when planning their 10th anniversary party, but I want to go to support and hang out with them anyhow.

it's getting harder and harder to capture photos of him

Bonus: I’m quite tempted to stock up on these Merry T-Mas goods, but now that I’ve posted it here it wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who received one from me. Dilemma.
Plus: Nerdfighting comes to St. Paul. The “Made of Awesome” tour stops at Metro State on Tuesday night. If you aren’t in the know, read up on the Brotherhood 2.0 project.
And: Sheela’s been selling her cupcakes at the Golden Fig for a while now, but yesterday was the first time I’d dropped in for them there. And I was ever so glad I did. The vegan pumpkin with brown sugar pecan buttercream was better than sex. Almost. Well, it’s close. Perhaps this calls for an empirical study.

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