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There is No Charge for Awesomeness

The little man turned nine today (nine years ago we both looked a tad bit different). His birthday party was yesterday. I had several outdoor activities planned. Naturally it rained. Thankfully some grownups came up with the idea of making paper airplanes. And there was fun with balloons. And Kung Fu Panda masks. And a pinata packed with candy. And cupcakes too, to sugar the kids up even more (it was cupcake overload all weekend long, and it continues). But we saved the silly-string-fight in-the-rain until after the child-sized guests left. Good times.

The weather has turned quite cool and I’ve been tempted to turn on the new boiler, just to try it out and see if I got my money’s worth ($4800) but it’s not quite that cold yet. Instead I’ve settled for closing windows, throwing on a pair of socks and pulling out the thicker comforters.

I’m looking forward to ATP but I’m also annoyed. Last week I realized their coach bus would return us to the city after the time we’d need to be at the airport so I’m researching other options. Anyone have suggestions for getting from Queens to Monticello, then back to JFK? We leave town Wednesday and I’m leaving my laptop behind. I think. Maybe.

my faves, the vegan red velvet cupcakes

Bonus: Twink!
Plus: LOL RNC Riot Cops: I can has intimidation? It was bound to happen.
And: I like this video. Because I have a thing for linedancing fencers. Who knew?

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