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Emotional Weather Report

Sometimes my son is just as unpredictably moody as his mama. Yesterday he was intensely crabby, prone to random outbursts and hysterics. Today? He woke up all sunshine and light (maybe because he knew he’d be sharing vegan donut holes with his class). Hopefully he’ll remain happy, even though the birthday presents I ordered online for him haven’t arrived yet. I’ve been in quite the mood myself, pondering thorny relationship issues…trying to puzzle out just what it is I want these days. Alexis has written a HowTo for “friends with benefits” - that’s easier said than done. As usual, xkcd amuses. Someone pointed out this article that left me slightly puzzled: “Everyone wants to know how to read the sexual body language” and another thoroughly amused: “Russian sex day to boost births” - though I’m not at all tempted to pop out another kid in exchange for an SUV. Or maybe at all.

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Bonus: I am so happy for Diablo Cody, and stoked to see the movie (co-starring Michael Cera, squeeee!) that she wrote. It’s already garnering rave reviews.
Plus: Next time I go back to Iceland I need to visit the water library.
And: Another busy weekend ahead of us, with the little man’s birthday, plus a bunch of shows I’d like to get to. Like Pandamonium at the Triple Rock and Whitejazz at the Turf, both Friday. And Vampire Hands have a coupla release shows on Saturday. And I’m sure Dark Dark Dark is playing again somewhere. We’ve been listening to their EP in the car and the little man is loving the accordion just as much as I do. I think he’d love ‘em even more if he could see the Main Squeeze Orchestra in NYC. And not just because the orchestra is comprised entirely of attractive young women, but also because “all those accordions playing together can be transcendent.”

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