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A Meaningful Linguistic Unit

This morning the little man crawled into my bed to cuddle, but he brought an earworm with him. He was sort of whisper-chanting something. I came to the groggy realization that it was We Will, We Will Rock You. That was a seriously strange way to start the day. Other items of note:

  • An unreasonable man, Ralph Nader, is in town and will be speaking tonight at the Plymouth Congregational Church.
  • The St. Paul Art Crawl is on again this weekend.
  • Another Twin Cities Flickr Photowalk is slated for Saturday.
  • Also Saturday, more Brother and Sister video filming shenanigans. This time in my old hometown. But do I have WBL pride? Eh, not so much.
  • Why can’t Wheat Free Chaos be vegan? I totally want to try it. Oh well. I guess I have enough chaos in my life.
  • Hot Fuzz opens Friday! I’ve been looking forward to this for far too long.
  • I’m in need of volunteers…to go see TMNT with the little man and I. Step up! But this weekend is looking pretty packed, so I’m thinking a weeknight next week.
  • Sunday is Earth Day and there’s this interesting looking Wishes for the Sky thingie happening practically in our backyard. The little man and I will be walking down for that.
and this shot, with more of his face in it


  1. emily wrote:

    I didn’t know what an earworm, so I was a little grossed out until I read the definition. And hey! Your son likes songs by Queen! I love Queen!

    Hoo, Ralph Nader….don’t even get me started. Except I’m going to start anyways: After the 2000 elections, I was feeling sort of jipped that the first election I had been old enough to vote in had ended with Nader splitting the Democrats’ votes. Being on a college campus, there had been alot of Nader supporters. After the fact, some people still came into the health food store I worked at with their Nader shirts on. The audacity. My manager Bob kept on having to mantra me away from jumping over the counter, and taking them out.

    Thursday, April 19, 2007 at 8:42 am | Permalink
  2. emily wrote:

    And I meant to say “I didn’t know what an earworm WAS.” I get too excited to respond to your entries that I forget to proofread.

    Thursday, April 19, 2007 at 8:43 am | Permalink

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