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Chaos is Contained

We’ve been doing a lot of sitting around at home lately. Especially this weekend. Friday night I rushed the little man after his swimming lesson, worried that we’d get stuck in a snowstorm on the drive back. That certainly didn’t happen. Saturday morning we woke to just a light dusting. For a time it seemed like the overhyped storm of the season (it was all they talked about on MPR) but it was just slowly making its way here. More of it materialized last night. A friend got his car plowed in in front of Big V’s. And I spent nearly an hour shoveling this morning. This is what I remember winter looking like when I was a kid.

Speaking of home, I’m hoping the little man and I will have a different one some time this year. I’m just getting started, getting this old house ready to put on the market by Spring. There is so much to do. Honestly, it’s overwhelming. But I am determined. I just need to break the To Do list into more manageable chunks and chip away at task after task until they are all taken care of. The end goal is a cute little bungalow house in South Minneapolis. J, on the other hand, is thinking even smaller. His dream house is the ultimate anti-McMansion. He just needs to find an available lot in the city to put one on. Or he could live in my new backyard. That’d be a little awkward to explain to potential dates though. Hmmm.

lazy Saturday

Bonus: I want to get my hands on The Cute Book. I was particularly intrigued by a reviewer’s comments on Amazon: “The reason I ended up buying it, however, was for the strange humor mixed throughout. Along with a fish, a cute puppy, and a monkey is a felt pattern for, of all things, a kidnapper!” Huh.
Plus: My Andrew Bird obsession continues. What I’ve heard of the upcoming album is amazing. And he’ll be performing at First Avenue on May 11th. Oddly enough, that’s where I saw him for the first time, back in 2000, when he was opening for Kristin Hersh. I don’t think he’s played there since.
And: I didn’t catch Arcade Fire on SNL last night but I did score tickets to one of their Chicago shows. Totally stoked, even though I despise Ticketmaster. And my hatred burned a little more brightly yesterday. Initially I’d snared an amazingly awesome spot, but their site hiccupped during the checkout process and I had to start over. It was a crushing blow. But I quickly tried again and wound up in the center balcony. Phew.

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  1. emily wrote:

    Man, I hate it when Ticketmaster does that. Although, I did use the hiccups and the Refresh option to score a pretty wicked ticket to a World Series game for my Man in 2005 when the White Sox were in it.

    Andrew Bird! I believe we’re going to see him April 20th here in Chicago.

    This is so strange - I was just reading about Small Houses for the first time a while ago. The Internet is really making my world so small….

    Monday, February 26, 2007 at 11:44 am | Permalink

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