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Monthly Archives: October 2006

One More Step and Then We’ll Turn

Well, the husband is moving out. I love him, and he loves me. But we’re giving in to the inevitable. There was no shouting or screaming or hysterics. Nothing so dramatic. Just some quiet discussion and teary-eyed hugs. This has been a long time coming and I think we’ll be much better off as friends [...]

The Spectrum of Human Behavior

I’ve gotten a little behind on boing boing this week, but Maria sent me this link. It raises some interesting questions about disorders in human behavior. “Are people with autism disfunctional[sic]? Are psychopaths genetically adapted to survive by exploiting the rest of us?” But it certainly made me squirm at the thought of my sweet, [...]

Lightning In Your Teeth

Interactions with the neurotypical neighbor kids have been improving. The little man is putting himself out there more. And I’m hovering less (but still watching anxiously from afar). And it seems to be going well. But I worry they’re just using him for his light sabers.
Sunday night I made it to the TV on the [...]

Drive This Seven-Inch Wooden Stake Through My Philadelphia Heart

Let’s back it up a bit. I neglected to mention…Thursday night I spent an evening with Neil Gaiman, at the Riverview Theater. It was lovely. He read some short fictions and wonders from Fragile Things. And after the reading MirrorMask was shown. I actually hadn’t seen it yet, and I’m glad I waited. Seeing it [...]

Life is Like

What a day. Beautiful yes, but also draining. The little man and I started things off with blueberry pancakes, followed by a walk to the coffee shop and then on to the playground. And that was all grand but then we moved on to the tough stuff. The memorial service for Felix. There was something [...]

Sugar is Not a Vegetable

Ok, so lately I’ve been posting all about the good stuff when, by nature, I’m something of a perky pessimist. I don’t want yawl to think I’m all high on life or something, so it’s time for five bad things:

I couldn’t make this stuff up. Jimmy Dean Chocolate Chip Pancakes & Sausage on a Stick. [...]

My Cosmic Autumn Rebellion

Today was another fine fall day…that felt like summer. Allegedly that’ll end tomorrow. Until then, five more good things:

After playing phone tag with Children’s Hospital for THREE WEEKS I finally got a phone call back today. Turns out the little man’s EEG test results were normal. Phew. Maybe that’s why they weren’t in such a [...]

Anything You Can Feel, You Can Feel Again

Five good things:

A walk to the park with the little man on a fine Fall day.
Scaredy Squirrel, though not suitable for green Martians (via Hello).
Mimi Smartypants, as always, but especially for her recent couch maintenance and molting post. I might not be so crazy after all, comparatively speaking.
Air hockey. It could be just the thing [...]