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Oh What A Pearl, What A Well Made World

This unseasonably warm weather has meant many trips to the playground, which is a good thing. What is not so good - the little man bringing back much of the playground with him. Thanks to the lad, who hopped into our bed with pants full of sand, there is now a grain of sand stuck in my powerbook. But rather than producing a pearl after an age I fear it’s going to produce a seriously dead powerbook instead, in somewhat less than an age.

In other news, Saturday shall be known as The Day The Rink Stood Still. It’s the MN RollerGirls 2006 Season Championship. And I’ve actually talked a few co-workers into attending (sadly Zophia is too busy with homework to join us). Now I just have to remember to pick up our tickets at Crafty Planet tomorrow morning.

Speaking of upcoming events…this is exciting. The many pieces of my Geek Prom ensemble have started to show up in the mail (most were ebayed). Now I’ve got just over a week for the remaining items to show, and to scrounge up a date (the husband still isn’t having any of it). Though I guess it would be more appropriate to go to the Geek Prom date-less. Hmmm.

Sparking Space Pistol

Bonus: A big Happy Birthday to little Dave. His present was *supposed* to be among the parcels arriving in the mail today, but it’s late. Doh. But I’m still heading to his party shortly. Hopefully I won’t be turned away when I show up empty-handed.
Plus: Not the little man’s Shark Boy and Lava Girl, but something infinitely better (via boingboing)


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