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Fight Off The Lethargy

Wow, 50 degrees. I really should get my bike out of the basement before the rains come. I’d say there’s a 50% probability of that happening.

Poor Chuck. He seemed fine at the office on Thursday. Then he took off Friday for Tex-ass, for SXSW, where he wound up in the hospital. With Strep Throat. Easily treatable, yes, but also a pain in the ass. And man, I hope I wasn’t contaminated. We leave for our trip this coming Friday.

Bonus: Speaking of which…today the New York Times has an article about what a good time of year this is to travel to Reykjavik. Don’t I know it.
Plus: I started my morning off with Daniel’s homemade rap song, with accompanied video. Check out the nerdcore, yo.
And: Love the Good Wood Gang toys (found via flickr, of course). I want them all! Well, all right, maybe not the Mr. T.T.T. Burger toy, unless he’s a veggie burger.

smooshed face