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And Another One Gone, And Another One Gone…

At 5:39am this morning the little man came into my room and handed me something. Something small. I wasn’t awake yet, so naturally I didn’t have my glasses on. Thankfully I held on tightly to it, and came to realize it was a somewhat bloody baby tooth. That little sucker had been loose for ages, but only slightly. Or so I thought. Then this afternoon, when I picked him up at the bus stop, he informed me that he’d lost yet another tooth at school…and had given it to one of the teachers. Two baby teeth in one day? The boy is growing up way too fast. And that makes for a total of four lost since last summer.

In other news, I’m stepping out tonight…to see Andrew Bird at the Fine Line. Amazing man, crappy venue. Hopefully I won’t end up in Fine Line jail. Anyhow, there are too many other excellent shows coming up as well. Sadly the Neko Case and Damien Jurado shows are the same night and at the same time. Doh.
Bonus: Just discovered Hillary’s Thriftcraft today. Sweet. Also, at her Wee Wonderfuls site, her adorable paper dolls, available for download.

big mouth strikes again