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Punk Rock Zombie Kung Fu Catfight

Color me impressed. At 9am this morning (a Sunday) the doorbell rang and it was…the United States Postal Service. What the huh? This was pre-coffee, so it took me a moment to realize the package I was signing for, while still in my jammies, was a crucial one. It contained the little man’s passport. When you pay extra for the expedited biznass they aren’t fooling around. (The husband, however, did not pay to have his passport expedited - I do hope it arrives before our departure date).

Speaking of pre-coffee…the little man is growing up and becoming more helpful. Just this morning I asked him to grab the salt shaker for me, while I was putting together some Cream of Wheat for breakfast. He went one step beyond and started pouring half the bottle’s contents into my bowl before my sleep-addled brain suggested I should stop him. Gee, thanks kid (and thanks sluggish morning brain).

In planning ahead sort of news…this morning I came across Kitty Kowalksi’s photostream. This reminded me of Coney Island’s Mermaid Parade which is, once again, scheduled for the weekend of my birthday (in June). I’ve never been to it, but have always wanted to attend, and am seriously considering going this year…and staying with my fabulous ladyfriends in Brooklyn. I haven’t been to NYC since 2003 after all. Don’t know if I could convince the husband to join me though. One “adventure” with me per year might be enough for him.

Bonus: Speaking of NYC, looks like that was one heckuva pillow fight yesterday. Sigh.
Plus: Feeling badly that Loobylu and her little one are feeling badly, but even so, she still cranks out the most amazing artwork.
And: Last night the husband and I watched “a moody, multi-dimensional love story and sci-fi mystery” - seriously, though, Solaris was better than I’d expected. Now I’m curious about the original Russian version.
found in the East Village circa 2003