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A Matter Of When, Not If

This afternoon I had a checkup with the doc who performed the c-section. Felix’s autopsy results weren’t available yet. But there was some preliminary data, from my bloodwork and placenta, that indicated placental abruption (even though I have low blood pressure rather than high, I’m under 35, and drug-free). Because of this more bloodwork was ordered, another eight vials worth, and we’ll know more at my next appointment. But the bottom line…taking into consideration all the factors and flukes with the pregnancy, there probably wasn’t anything we could have done to save little Felix. Knowing this doesn’t make it any easier though.

In happier news, I gave the husband his birthday present early…because he’s nearly done playing Dragon Quest VII, which was the inspiration for this gift. I’m glad I gave it to him too. It makes me smile every time I see it (see if you can resist, there’s a photo below). And spontaneous smiling is something I need more of these days..

Bonus: There’s something I’m itching to post a link to here, but I just bought it as another birthday present, for a friend who reads this blog. But it’s really neat. And I can post a link to it…in April, after I give it to him. Unless I break down and give him his gift early too. Seems like it could be that sort of year.
Plus: Since I started driving again yesterday I’ve been drunk with power. I can go anywhere, do anything. Like…running errands and stuff. I was all over the place this morning. And tomorrow night, I’m going to a movie. It may not seem like much, but after a few weeks spent bedridden, it’s pretty darned exciting.
And: I’m one of the little people, so maybe I should get some of these gnome shoes (middle photo) after all. I was tempted last summer, but skipped it. Hmmm.

blue slime PS2 controller