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Fire Bad, Tree Pretty

I hadn’t intended for this to turn into the doom and gloom blog, or the blog of bitchiness, but every day seems to bring with it some fresh hell. The husband complains of my extreme pessimism, and yes, dear, I know things could be worse…but things still pretty much suck and my brain is ready to explode from stress. Yesterday I had planned to go into work, but Monday afternoon I was called away early because the little man was ill. So we had a stay home day yesterday. And it’s a good thing, too. When I was in the kitchen I heard some sound from the basement. Initially I assumed the husband had thrown in a load of laundry (it could happen) but later in the day, when I heard the same sound, I went down to investigate. The hot water heater wasn’t just leaking, hot water was pouring from its bottom. The husband got some plumbers over here late in the afternoon, and, $1500 later, we have a new hot water heater. At least it didn’t happen last year, I guess, when we were pulling in much less income, but still.
Bonus: In better news, the next Studio Ghibli film will be an adaptation of Ursula K. LeGuin’s A Wizard of Earthsea. I hope this version will have her blessing (and not suck) unlike the dreadful looking Sci Fi channel miniseries.
Plus: So…turns out I wasn’t such an odd child, what with my torturing of Barbie and all.
And: Recently mopsa encountered the Reverend Billy’s Shopacolypse at the Mall of America. City Pages has just posted an article about his anti-cosumerism theater. I have such an internet crush on the good reverend. Sigh.

new hot water heater
new hot water heater