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Incapable Of Forgoing A Pleasure

Woke up early this morning to an amazing thunderstorm, but it didn’t rouse the boys…even with the eardrum shattering thunderclaps. But nearly nothing would wake those two - they sleep like the dead. So I enjoyed the storm, leisurely drinking my coffee, while lounging with the cats. And was relieved when I drove out later, that the ‘urban flood advisory’ didn’t affect my morning commute. A commute which is even longer these days. I’m now clocking over an hour each way, as I’m chauffeuring the little man to and from his new school. But again, it is totally worth it. Especially since we had a little extra time this morning…a window of opportunity which allowed us to stop by Caffetto. Where we were rewarded with vegan banana chocolate chip muffins and the presence of proprietress, and friend, Tami. Not a bad start to the day.

Previously I mentioned that the husband hadn’t succumbed to the vegan cheeto addiction/affliction (as the little and I have). That was because he hadn’t yet tried them. Until last night. I came home from the co-op with two fresh bags. He asked if he could open one. I said yes, and was there to see the look on his face as he took his first bite. He lit up like a christmas tree. They are that good. And he put away more than half a bag in short order. So now I’m going to have to start hiding them not just from the little man, but from the big one too. Great.

There are too many upcoming events to name. Saturday alone sees the annual Art Car Parade at Lyn-Lake, the Musicapolis opening event at the Minnesota Center for Photography, the Twin Cities Zine Fest at Stevens Square Center for the Arts (featuring a performance by the fabulous Falcon Crest), the Fallout Art Festival, the Brother and Sister show at Triple Rock, and lastly the Dinosaur Jr. show at the Quest (now that brings me back). I’m hoping to enjoy one or more of these events with a potential houseguest. April, who has been living and working in Beijing these last few years, is due to visit the states, with a weeklong Twin Cities stop, and may or may not be crashing on our couch for part of it…starting tomorrow. Guess I should start cleaning. Doh.
Bonus: Continuing on the global tip…many thanks to the incomparable Kenji, who helped translate bits of my Japanese Book. Apparently the title is Transformation Tunnel and the tagline reads “Everyone will turn into someone when passed through the tunnel! What are Kappa and Robot transformed into?” What, indeed. One character seems to have become a ricefield.