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The Theory Of The Leisure Class

The little man’s loose tooth, it hasn’t come out yet. I fear it’ll pop out whilst on our trip this weekend (not in the waterpark, please), and we’ll have to secure it for its safe return home. Or does the tooth fairy do road trips?

I’m on a few email lists for local movie theaters, mostly for the freebies. Today I skimmed an announcement that came in from Crown Theaters. The way my brain initially parsed it…Herbie Fully Loaded contains partial nudity. Whoops, wrong film. Weirder still, that was actually in reference to the update/remake of Bewitched. Samantha must be a bit saucier this time around.

In local-ish movie news…The Replacements’ Paul Westerberg has a few film scores under his belt already, but now he’s slated to do one of the voices…in Open Season, a full-length feature being made by Sony Pictures Animation. How odd.

Some neat movie news, via MNSpeak

Cultural detritus and found object fans, you probably already know about Search and Rescue — screened selections from MN Film Arts’ 6500 title archive of 16mm films. City Pages has the story behind the collection in their profile of archivist Matt Bakkom. I hope these goodies end up online alongside the Prelinger archive someday. Until then, the next screening is June 28.

In movie news I meant to post yesterday…the McLibel documentary is showing at the Bell Auditorium, and local advocacy group Compassionate Action for Animals marked the occasion by supplying vegan cheesecake (from Muddy Paws). That may have been one night only, but the film is still showing tonight and tomorrow night. A little background…”McLibel documents the long-standing trial in the 1990’s between McDonald’s and two British activists who exposed, among other things, the cruelty to animals caused by McDonald’s practices.”

Bonus: Today the lovely Zophia returns to us from her sojourn in the Virgin Islands and it’s her birthday. Happy Birthday my dear!
Plus: And plus-sized. This article (from the New Yorker) is fabulous for two reasons. One, Leonard Nimoy, of all people, takes on Kirstie Alley’s abysmal Fat Actress show. And two, it clued me in to the fact that the man has been exhibiting his fine-art photography since the early seventies (who knew?) and his most recent models, in his “Maximum Beauty” exhibition, are what he refers to as “full-bodied people.” Fascinating, but not necessarily work-safe.
And: One week after opening day, and I still haven’t seen Batman Begins. So I guess it hasn’t begun for me yet, dammit.

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