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Strange Injuries And A Nonexistent Social Life

Last night I was feeling a little tired and low, as I headed out to the Ted Leo show on my own. I needn’t have worried. The energetic performance would have been awesome enough, even by myself, but as soon as I secured my usual spot, at stage right, a gaggle of likewise aging hardcore kids converged on my location. So I got to rock out with the old gang, as we admired the indefatigable Mr. Leo (the guy should put out a rock and roll aerobics video, seriously). And at the end of the show we were all groaning about how achey and tired we were. It was funny…and sorta sad. Encore selections were entertaining too. First off, Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark, which brought back memories of watching the world premiere of that video on MTV when I was eleven. Followed by another fabulous cover, of Stiff Little Fingers’ Suspect Device…though I will always associate that song with Naked Raygun. If the show had ended, oh, about a half hour earlier I may have been tempted to mosey across the street to Block E…for the midnight showing of Batman Begins. It’s all for the best. I’m tired enough as it is, and I’ll wait until the weekend to see it, when I’ve properly recuperated. Ah, the plight of the poorly aging hipster.
Bonus: In other movie news…the film Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean have been working on together, MirrorMask, now has a trailer online. For some reason it’s available exclusively through Yahoo, here. To be released stateside on September 30th.
Plus: Loobylu’s been working her tail off, getting her goods ready for a show. The pics look fabulous, but I wish I could see the display in person.
And: Ted Leo’s in-studio performance from yesterday. Mary Lucia was practially giddy and just gushing, but I don’t blame her.