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High Kindness, Low Order

Scattered thoughts on a Monday morning…
It was a decent enough weekend. Didn’t get to everything I would have liked to, but maintained a fair balance between: work and play; meals eaten in and meals eaten out; new Star Wars and old Star Wars. Thanks to some helpful reader advice, and a different paint roller, the second coat of Lime Pop looks far better than the first did. Sadly it’s still going to take a third coat, after work tonight, with some ceiling touchup slated for tomorrow. But the end is in sight. Nearly. It will be good to shower again. Sigh.

The other night the little man commented on the husband’s ever-present five o’clock shadow, referring to them as whiskers. The husband said that someday he too would also have whiskers…when he’s older. The little man thought about it for a moment, then asked “when I turn six?” I certainly hope not. He’s growing up too fast as it is.

Like many kids, the little man regularly asks us for things he doesn’t really need. And we’ve gotten into the habit of saying “no, you’re good”. Recently after asking us for a spacesuit the husband gave him the standard reply, to which he started protesting loudly “but I’m not good”. Oh my. Being five can be frustrating.

From the yeti:
“I like the idea that picking a parenting style is essentially the same as picking your character’s alignment in Dungeon’s and Dragon.”
Despite denying the lad a spacesuit, I think we all know which quadrant I fall into.
Bonus: The Deal - between Terry Gilliam and Johnny Depp (via Neil Gaiman).
Plus: Receptionista hasn’t really decided to be boring. In fact, she’s shaking things up.
And: Top ten favorite words (not in the dictionary), from a lovely bunch of vocabularians.