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Life Is Pain

Today brought the little man precious little relief. We drove out to the dentist’s office, only to be told they couldn’t go through with an emergency extraction after all…as the swelling hadn’t gone down enough and the risk of spreading infection was too great. We walked away with the consolation prize of codeine, which, judging by the poor boy’s reaction, must taste absolutely vile (but not as vile as the antibiotic, which we must force down his throat three times a day, a procedure that requires both the husband and myself to pin the boy down - something no one feels very good about). So now the little man must wait until Thursday for this abysmal situation to be remedied, even though he is in too much pain to eat anything more solid than applesauce. Needless to say he won’t be leaving the house until then.

Continuing on the not-so-happy tip…my appreciation for Alan Rickman has just increased (and I already adored him). I just found out that he’s directing a play based on the life and writings of Rachel Corrie, who was an American peace activist involved with the International Solidarity Movement (ISM), an organization set up to support Palestinian non-violent resistance to Israel’s military occupation. She died trying to prevent the demolition of a Palestinian home. There has been great interest in her story in the U.K. (all 24 shows sold out within 2 days), but somehow I doubt this play will ever make it to the country of her birth.

After tens of thousands of dollars of equipment were stolen from them, an auction has been put together to help out The Decemberists. accordian by<br />
Carson Ellis So many rare and wonderful items to choose from. The fabulous portraits taken by their official photographatrix, Alicia J. Rose (aka Miss Murgatroid). The illustrations, lovingly drawn by Carson Ellis, of several of the sadly lost instruments. If you can swing it, help sponsor their replacements. Who knows, you could win the t-shirt which “previously belonged to Colin and is hand lettered by Carson in red sharpie to read: I donated to the Decemberists stolen instrument fund and all I got was this lousy t-shirt!. It’s completely one-of-a-kind.” I’ll say.
Bonus: I’m looking forward to The Man Who Copied (the trailer can be found here).
Plus: My messy bed was up at Lalaland today (but it was really the futon in our computer room).