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I Thought It Was More Literary Than Cinematic

Last night my NPR nerd quotient skyrocketed. I unexpectedly found myself on the guest list (thanks Jessica!) for MPR’s new series, Literary Friendships…and with a neighbor willing to watch my child while I stepped out for it. It was especially thrilling as the show featured one of my favorite authors, Michael Chabon, and his partner in crime/wife/colleague Ayelet Waldman (interviewed by the illustrious Garrison Keillor). They were amazingly entertaining and I couldn’t help but be a bit envious. Two writers, still completely in love after over a decade, living and writing in Berkeley while raising four small children together, with the aid of a nanny and annual retreats to various writer’s colonies. Now that’s the good life. The program will air on NPR some time in the summer.

Literary Friendships