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A Spacial Temporal Haze

It was a surprisingly productive morning. Conferred with the little man’s school nurse, reassuring her that the ringworm-type rash (yay) on his neck isn’t contagious. According to the doctor, anyhow, who suggested he wear turtlenecks to school for the rest of the week, just to put the nurse at ease. Life is so goofy sometimes. Then I called B&H, for the third time in two weeks, to find out where the hell my wide angle lens is. But this time I demanded resolution. I told ‘em they either send me a brand new one right away (I’d ordered a used lens that they seem to have misplaced, if it ever existed in the first place) or I wanted a damned refund. We reached a compromise. For an extra $20 they’d send me the new one, shipping out today (to arrive in three business days). And they apologized. Works for me. Then it was off to run errands, including the retrieval of the new Low release, that came out just yesterday. Sure, I was tempted to get it from iTunes. And I do listen to most of my music in mp3 format (or ogg, if the husband has done the ripping). But I’m a little old-fashioned. I still like to have the liner notes (no offense Lane), and the ability to take CDs downstairs, to listen to while I’m doing my halfassed Suzy Homemaker impersonation. Which I carried on this morning, by making stops at the library, post office, hardware store, grocery store, and the drug store. What a good little wifey I am (sometimes). Again, life is so goofy sometimes.
Bonus: Speaking of The Great DestroyerHollis rulez.
Plus: Not the first Flickr coinkydink, but a pretty spectacular one.
And: Listening to This American Life’s episode “Other People’s Mail” made me think of Mr. Barrett Chase. But at least St. Paul’s Mail Recovery Center (one of only three in the country) has remained open. Sigh.

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