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Counting Down The Hours

Our house smells like dessert. Last night I made two pumpkin pies, with the little man’s assistance (I let him push the Cuisinart’s ON button). This morning the husband made one chocolate almond midnight cake and two pecan pies. We have an abundance of sweet. I’m not complaining, but I could go for something savory instead. Thankfully Cali is making her amazing homemade Tofurky today (much better than storebought). But the vegan feast, where we will share our sweets, doesn’t begin until 5pm. It’s going to be a long day of waiting. I’ll kill some time by making a double batch of BBQ tofu for the potluck, driving out to the burbs to see my Dad, forging ahead with the novel, and trying to keep the little man out of the pie. Easier said than done.
Update: When I informed the little man that we would be taking our precious desserts elsewhere, to share with friends, he balked. He told me, “Mom, we can’t do that. That would be dangerous.” When I stopped laughing I tried to explain that keeping all the desserts to ourselves would be far more dangerous. Maybe he’ll understand when he’s older.
NaNo word count: 40014/50000