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The Math Of My Imminent Triumph?

Today, er yesterday (it’s late) I forced myself to sit down and take pen to paper. I created an outline of my novel, in its current form, and color coded it in crayon. Classy. This did me a world of good, though. It was much easier to see which parts of the story were in trouble, which needed to be fleshed out a bit more, and those that were done and could be left untouched in all their glory. For the sake of continuity I completely moved one bit of exposition, cleaned up a few other sections, and added nearly 3000 words of new writing. All hail the mighty word count! While I’m not completely caught up (about 400-500 words shy of where I should be), another productive day like this and I’ll be back in the saddle again. Now if I could just get some sleep…
Bonus: A hearty thanks to Chuck, for being supportive while making me laugh at myself…something I am not at all averse to.
NaNo word count: 36139/50000

prohibited car repair
big letters, little man at the walker library
15 minutes on a pseudo sunny day