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What We Talk About When We Say Nothing

Some randomness for this Wednesday morning…
Unlike Paul Ford, I am not embarrassed by my geekery (in fact, I was thrilled that he used one of my favorite books as an example). At an early age I decided to embrace my inner dork, to flaunt it even. I thought it better to court the inevitable ostracization than to wait in fear of it.
For those of us who missed David Byrne’s performance last Friday, we have a small consolation prize. Tonight True Stories is playing at Stevens Square Park.
Tomorrow night, looking forward to seeing The Magnetic Fields, at long last.
Friday, my father and I will have another shared birthday. When I was a kid he would always take the day off from work so we could celebrate together. When I entered the working world, I made sure to do the same. But these days life is complicated by too many contingencies and Friday will find us both working. At least I’m going to bring him some donuts first thing in the morning (shh, don’t tell).
Some tentative plans for this weekend. A girls’ night/day out at some point. And though I have mixed feelings about this light rail business (not light rail itself, but the route), I’m going to take the little man for a free ride. He should get a kick out of that.

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