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I Got Blisters On My Slippered Feet

I’ve gotten used to, and have been benefiting from, my walk to work. But with the strike over, I’m tempted to catch the bus today. I should be able to stretch those stored value cards by mixing things up…by walking more often than not.
In other news, I showed some restraint on Saturday…and opted against purchasing Pixies tickets. It pains me, especially after reading the glowing reviews of their first reunion show, but I’m trying to be grown up about this. After all, I did just sell my car so that we could catch up on bills and lower our monthly expenses. And I did get to see The Pixies, with Love and Rockets, in 1989. And I do have a consolation prize…I already purchased slightly-less-expensive tickets to The Magnetic Fields show. So there.
Speaking of saving money, as much as I adore the Tea Garden, I’ve been cutting back on my splurging. Over the weekend I picked up the goods to create my favorite beverage myself…jumbo-sized black tapioca pearls, extra wide straws, and I cheated and bought pre-made Vanilla Soy Chai beverage. Each DIY concoction costs less than 1/3 of what I was paying the baristas for it.
Again, on the frugal gourmet tip, I have to give a shout out to Paul Davidson, who kindly sent me a free signed copy of his book, Consumer Joe.

This compendium of oddball customer query and complaint letters should tickle the ribs of anyone who’s ever considered writing a letter to protest an inferior product or solve a merchandise mystery (e.g., why are Wendy’s hamburgers square?). Hollywood writer Davidson, working under the pseudonym David Paulson, reprints some 100 letters he wrote to American companies, as well their representatives’ responses to his rather unusual comments and requests.

Some friends who were over this weekend each thumbed through it, resulting in two side effects 1) loud guffaws 2) obliviousness to their surroundings. Go buy it, if you can.
Last week was amazingly productive, but the dreaded To Do list still seems to expand rather than shrink. If I can’t tackle it into submission, hopefully I can keep its bloat reigned in a bit. GiddyUp!