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Look For Happiness

The weather was so mild last night that I busted out a light coat, one I’d picked up last fall at a neighborhood thrift store and not had much opportunity to wear. It came as a pleasant surprise to read an inner tag for the first time, instructing me to “wear in good health”. After I put it on the husband informed me I looked like Madeline, though my coat is a much paler shade of blue. Sadly I was unable to say goodbye to the little man before leaving. I’d anticipated a major guy night going on after my departure, replete with PS2 playing and junk food eating, but the poor boy fell asleep before I’d even gotten dressed to go out. This was at 6pm. I worried that he’d wake up in the middle of the night, or early early morning, but he slept straight through to his usual…6:30am. Guess he had a serious sleep debt to pay off…the past week being so intense and all. I headed out thinking that it wouldn’t be such a bad idea to curl up and turn in early as well, but I wanted to see the ladies (and the one token boy). The birthday girl had chosen a suburban eatery, in a ‘burb I’m not terribly familiar with, so I carpooled with Zophia (thanks for driving, lady). I’d had my doubts about the restaurant but was pleasantly surprised…and amused that five folks, in our group of nine, ordered the coconut curry vegetables with fried tofu (myself included). Between the appetizers and entrees the birthday girl tore into her gifts. She was glowing, and not just because of my camera’s obnoxious flash. She scored some serious swag, and it was fun to photograph her in the process as she’s so animated and photogenic. Some of the photos didn’t turn out too well, though, as she had me laughing too much while attempting to hold the camera steady. Afterwards the kidless were going on to knock back a few at Nye’s Polonaise. It was a tempting thought, to indulge in some fancy umbrella-laden virgin drink, but it was past my bedtime. So me and the other two moms headed back to our respective homes. When I got to mine the husband was inexplicably watching Pumping Iron, which he compared to a train wreck. A strange ending to a rather strange, but enjoyable day.

wear in good health
aly with presents
zophia's fancy new hair-do
aly's a lil devil
bottle of korbel adorned with fancy-schmancy umbrella
aly going ooooh-ahhhhhhhh
the token boy in our group
how meta, me photographing jen photographing zophia
aly and her newly waxed brows
aly about to blow out the candle
aly about to take the cake
fancy leftover containers, microwave safe and everything