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Don’t Push The River, It Will Flow By Itself

This last week has been particularly hectic, with lots of time spent preparing for upcoming transitions. But it hasn’t been all suck. Some recent highlights:
Last weekend my folks loaned us the infamous DaVinci Code…loved by the masses, loathed by some librarians (as “airport fiction”, it’s been likened to a cheap knockoff of Foucault’s Pendulum, which I’ve been meaning to re-read). I’ll admit to enjoying this John Grisham-style page-turner. And hey, what could be more fitting than to read a tale of the Knights Templar on Friday the 13th?
Picking up our friends at the airport the other night. We were delighted to discover they’d carried on some vegan cake for us, from Gianna’s Grille in Philadelphia…which they described as vegan junk food heaven. I’d love to try their cheesesteaks, “beefy mac” pizza, lasagna, cheesecake, and cannolis. Mmmm.
Running errands with the little man the other day. He enjoyed a song that had been playing on Radio K. When it finished he started humming loudly, but briefly interrupted himself to announce “Mom, I’m making crazy music!”
Yesterday afternoon the husband whipped up a batch of cookies before we headed to his folks’ house for dinner. I was serving myself some beverage in the kitchen as he prepared the double chocolate chip delights. He determined the batter was too dry, so while adding a little water to it he announced “she’s a tricky mistress, cookie dough”. I nearly squirted soy milk out my nose.
Last night my mother-in-law busted out a Hot Wheels Ferrari Test Trax set after dinner. The little man could hardly contain his excitment while the husband assembled it. But once it was ready to go I couldn’t tell which of my boys enjoyed it more.
Finding amazing side-by side photos of Debbie Harry and Iggy Pop, via Kottke. Now I want the book they’re from, New York in the 70s, by photographer Allan Tannenbaum.
Oh, and I got the job. I start Monday. For weird.

the underside of this faux matchbox car reads Supper Celica