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You Are A Time Lord, A Lord Of Time.

Admittedly I’m a bit weather obsessed…but anyone else notice something amiss in the below infographic? That’s right, the good folks at Star Tribune Weather have seen fit to eliminate Thursday. Perhaps they’ve decided this week’s weather has been brutal enough, so we ought to skip straight to Friday. That’s good news for all you cubicle farm workers. In other news, tonight’s Angel episode was frickin’ awesome. For one thing, Andrew crosses over and “now appears to be a junior watcher, looking and dressing a lot like Dr. Who.” Sheer brilliance. Can’t wait until next week, for the oft-discussed (well, in nerd circles anyway) 100th episode. Maybe the kind folks at the Strib could eliminate a couple more days, to get me that much closer to viewing it. Sigh.

Star Tribune eliminates the need for Thursday