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When O.j. Attacks

On a morning like this one, when we’re being blanketed by our first heavy snowfall of the season (accompanied by a winter storm warning, no less), I would have happily spent much of the morning in my jammies. Sadly it was not to be. Maybe I shouldn’t have gone into the kitchen. But the little man needed some breakfast, and I need to get extra nutrients to v2.0. As I fried up my Smart Bacon I thought “hmmm, orange juice would be lovely with this”. The warning alarms should have sounded then. Instead I looked in the fridge, and, sure enough, there were the frozen concentrate containers. Though not so frozen any more. The husband keeps them in the fridge so the concentrate melts into more of a goopy sludge, thus making it easier to mix with water. I grabbed one unit and tore off that plastic seal dealy that’s wrapped around one end. But the metal disc was stubborn. I tried using leverage, poking the flat side of a butterknife under the rim, to no avail. After glaring at it in annoyance I made my crucial error. I decided to give it a light squeeze…to see if I could gently pop the top off. There must have been some serious vacuum at the top, as my slight pinch caused a sizable explosion. The sound shocked me, but not more so than my sudden drenching in orange juice goo. Stunned, I looked to see my right arm was coated from shoulder to wrist in the sticky stuff. And I could feel, and somewhat see, the major gobs that had become embedded in my hair and coated my glasses. The absurdity of the situation caused me to pause, take in a few deep breaths, and stare out the patio door at the pretty snow falling gently to the ground…before beginning cleanup efforts in earnest. I’m thinking this would have been quite comical…if it hadn’t happened to me. Sigh.