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I’d Love To Drop Anchor In Your Lagoon

And now for some bountiful booty…or blather.
Tomorrow is International Talk Like a Pirate Day. It would be a good time to swing by the McSweeney’s Pirate Store at 826 Valencia. Alas I’ll be a landlocked land lubber with no way to get to San Francisco in time.

Happy 5th, 6th, or 7th Anniversary to Scotty and the Starfire Lounge, no matter how you count it. Wish we could be there. Same time next year?

Heather of Harrumph! is having a badge swap, which she’s set up to work all slick-like.
1) Grab her template;
2) Get creative and whip up a button design of whatever you like;
3) Email it to her; and
4) Paypal her a buck for her trouble.
Then she will:
1) Physically make your button;
2) Send it along to another swap member; and
3) Send you a button someone else designed.
Pretty sweet deal. Hopefully I can send mine along in time. Deadline is October 20th.
Just received a pre-shipment notice for shoes I ordered for the little man.
Apparently they are coming from a distributor whose name differs from the site I purchased them from. This company is aptly called “Little Man Inc.” I wonder what else they’ve got.

For weeks I’ve had Metric’s Combat Baby stuck in my head. And I’m not the only one with this earworm. It’s been on Radio K’s top seven for many weeks now. So I was driving the other day and heard a live interview with the band, on said station. I got my hopes up, silly me, thinking they might be about to do an in-store performance somewhere in town…or at least play a show that evening. Turns out they’d played the night before and were on their way to Madison. Doh.

Have yawl heard about the colossal cuddly rodent remains that were discovered recently? A 7-foot tall guinea pig? Yowza. How’s that for an R.O.U.S. (rodent of unusual size)?

I learned from Metafilter that Amphibious cars are making a comeback. And they ain’t cheap. The Gibbs Aquada is going for 150,000 pounds. Bet the little man would get a kick out of it, but he’ll have to be content with dunking matchbox cars in the bathtub for now.

Speaking of water…the boy received two different kinds of miracle-gro dinosaurs for his birthday. I decided to put them to the test, but it wasn’t a level playing field. One started out larger to begin with, and each required a different length of time to grow (12 hours vs. 72 hours). Neglected to take before photos, but I did snap a few after. The husband, I must say, was rather disgusted by my dino experiment…but the little man was amused.