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The Faster You Go Deaf, The More Time You Have To Read

Recent distractions: “A Mighty Wind” (3 out of 4 stars), “Laurel Canyon” (2.5 out of 4 stars), “Baran” (3.5 out of 4 stars). Also picked up Ariel Gore’s latest, “Atlas of the Human Heart”, over the weekend and finished that in short order. I’ll have to give that 4 out of 4 stars. We’re about the same age and much of her adolescence was eerily similar to mine…though I’m glad our experiences diverged where they did. She’s packed a lot of serious living in. Some of the experiences I envy, others I’m relieved I didn’t have to endure. Overall a fascinating read. On to music. Been listening to a lot of R√∂yksopp, some songs from Raveonettes, lots of Mirah, some My Bloody Valentine, some from The Postal Service and loads of Low, as usual. Haven’t made it to any shows recently (aside from a great free show a few weeks back at Eclipse Records, Signal to Trust and Deerhoof). But that will change tonight. Been hearing about this speed-metal library rock band called Bloodhag for some time now. I finally get to experience the onslaught myself. This evening at the Maplewood Public Library, of all places. I’ll report back tomorrow. At the beginning of my four-day weekend. Many more distractions ahead. And not just lame ones (like getting the car worked on, woo-freaking-hoo). May Day, X2, Free First Saturday and more.