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Wrestling With An Aluminum Will

Meant to mention this earlier…but it is still Adbusters annual TV turnoff week. We do pretty well with this in our household, as far as the little man is concerned anyhow. We generally stick to the Monday-Friday no TV/no video rule. We sometimes watch a little TV (the Jackie Chan Adventures) and/or a few videos on the weekend. But weeknights we have such a small window between returning home and his bedtime, that I try to make the best of our time together. After his bedtime is another matter entirely. Mommy watches BtVS and Angel, when the episodes are new. And Netflix provides other distractions. We have a rather ambitious 145 movies in our queue, and I’ve rated 613. But this last week I’ve been ignoring the Netflix we have checked out…and concentrating instead on six other DVDs, borrowed from one of the Daves we know. The DVDs contain all 26 episodes of the ultra-cool Cowboy Bebop series. J watched them in nearly one sitting, the day we got a hold of them. He watched nearly nine hours worth straight through…went to sleep…then woke up and watched the remaining hour or so. I’m pacing myself a bit more. I waited until Sunday night to start watching Session 1. And have now made my way through five of the six DVDs. I figure I’ll polish that off tonight, and be able to return them all to their owner tomorrow. So I guess this doesn’t really count as turning the TV off this week…but at least it’s not broadcast television. Right?