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Read Like A Butterfly, Write Like A Bee

Just finished reading the trilogy, His Dark Materials, that I picked up the other day. I’m thinking that I should have savored it, read it a little more slowly…but I couldn’t help myself. Besides, J had caught up with me. He’d started reading the third book while I was sleeping. It could have been a fight to the finish, but now I’m ready to reluctantly hand it over. But what to do with myself now? I’m all hopped up on caffeine…but we’ve only a few hours before the festivities begin at my father’s. Not enough time to properly start any project. Could do some laundry, but…bah to that. I have some writing of my own I’d like to carry on with…but I’m too antsy. I’m sorely tempted to let the little man open his gifts now…but I promised myself I’d wait until tomorrow. We already did a little dancing, while listening to Sondre Lerche and stomping on bubblewrap. That was a good time. Hmmm. Perhaps some fingerpainting is in order. And then I really will need to do some laundry.