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A Rose By Any Other Name

A certain someone has decided I should refer to him as “J”, as it is much less clumsy. I fully agree. I’d considered the acronym “ACS”, but didn’t much care for it. J has an even more intriguing idea. A while back he wrote some blogging software for me. Which I have failed to implement (it’s on the to-do list). When I get to it, it will finally enable commenting by visitors. But J would like to add another nifty feature. Visitors could customize the site somewhat. Not as much as, say, waferbaby, (gotta take baby steps). But visitors could select the alias of their choice, for the various key players in the days of my life. The little man could just be “P” or “the monkey” or “P.M. Bubbles”. It would be up to you. If I had comments enabled now, you could tell me what you think of that. Sigh. Soon. Very soon.