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Monthly Archives: August 2002

Signal To Noise

The view from my office window is mostly of other tall buildings. Including my local bank’s 70s-style monstrosity. On top of which is a large time/weather display that has seen better days. On Friday it was flashing 6:11 all day long. Since yesterday it’s been displaying nothing but gibberish. The lights are randomly lit. [...]

Instant Mortification

It was an act of desperation. And laziness. Let’s not forget that. This morning I found myself too exhausted to get to the coffee shop. The walk would have likely done me some good, but I was too far gone. And driving there would have been pathetic. I would have liked to have *made* [...]


Recently Mick enquired about my robot “obsession”. I’ve never consciously acknowledged it as a full-fledged obsession…but I guess it could be seen that way. I’d prefer to describe it as a “fascination” with robots. Makes me sound a little less freaky. Heh. But just the other night I watched Metropolis, again. And I recently [...]

Super Bright

My sorely overused digital camera, my partner in crime over these last four years, died this past weekend. I nearly feel like I’ve lost a member of the family. Or an appendage at least. Sure, it was beaten and battered and in generally poor condition. It shouldn’t be too much of a surprise…but it [...]


So sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy.

Cirque D’été

The little man and I had a spectacular weekend. The weather was far better than anticipated…so we wound up outdoors for most of it (I now have a tan line…weird). The little man played at no less than five different playgrounds. But now we’re paying the price. In the form of a neglected disaster [...]

Adopt, Adapt And Improve?

Found something particularly amusing in today’s Need to Know. Oh, the wacky world of Japanese ice cream. Aside from not being readily available in the states, none of it is vegan…so I don’t have to worry about ever eating it. But if I had to I’d certainly take the sweet potato flavor over ox [...]

One Beat

Now I’ve got even more to look forward to. That’s always a good thing. First of all, Sleater-Kinney is coming to town on October 8th. Prior to that their new album will be released August 20th. Woo-hoo! KRS is also streaming the entire thing on their site. I started to listen to it. And [...]

Constant Craving

Last night I supped on a handful of grapes and a couple of animal crackers. After eating only one piece of toast during the day. I was hungry, yes. But sure didn’t feel like cooking. Heated up a little something for the little man. But nothing sounded appetizing to me. Well, nothing nearby anyhow. [...]

Short Sharp Shock

There’s got to be an equation to describe this situation, but I’m too fried to figure out what it would be. My headphone usage increases proportionally to my ever-growing workload, and approaching deadlines. I’m trying to combat the rise in my stress levels by listening to happier music. Like Chisel’s “It’s Alright, You’re O.K.” [...]