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When Things Fall Apart

Things could be worse. Compared to a lot of single moms in the U.S., I’m doing quite well. Compared with most people on this planet, really, I have a good life. But yesterday was one of those rare days I did not want to be me. The cursed car started to break down (after having just shelled out $500+ to have it fixed) on the way to daycare. Managed to get us there, via side roads. Didn’t pull over as I no longer have a cell phone, and didn’t want to be stranded. Puttered on instead. Hopefully didn’t do permanent damage to the little man’s hearing, or to mine. Frantically arranged to have the car taken in (with a roomful of screaming toddlers in the background, clamoring to get to their breakfasts). Then I had to figure out a way to get myself to work (woke up the boyfriend). Once at work I had an ever-changing deadline breathing down my neck…while I had difficulty breathing, along with my various other ailments. Each of which are fairly insignificant, but combined had a synergy to be reckoned with. After ten non-stop hours I found myself at the end an extra-long work day…only to head out to other side of town. To retrieve my patched-up and still noisy-shaky car. On the journey home I stopped to do some grocery shopping. While hungry, of course. Made some random/unwise selections (several vegan frozen pizzas, soy delicious, coleslaw mix, tangerine juice). When we finally got home we’d missed the opportunity to play outside, in the gorgeous weather, and dinner was very late. I scarfed down some Amy’s frozen toaster tarts. The little man also had breakfast for dinner. Doubt it’ll hurt him if it doesn’t occur regularly. Tried to get him back into his nightly groove, but I was so out of mine. Bathtime and bedtime went fairly well. Afterwards I was still very wound up and in need of some serious relaxation. The boyfriend had picked up some videos, one which I had been wanting to watch for a while. Alas, it was a poor choice for the evening. “Moulin Rouge” was interesting, at times. I like the actors. The sets were spectacular. But overall it was too much like a two-hour music video. The frenzied, hyperkinetic pace left me on edge. Would have preferred something like the languid and lovely “In the Mood for Love“. Next time, I guess. But hopefully I won’t have a day like that again. For some time, at least.