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You Have No Control

Some Wednesday random-ness, about exercising extreme control or losing it altogether (or anything in between), to go along with the wild weather we’re experiencing in the upper Midwest.

We’ve long been enamored of Talking Carl around here, but someone just made Dueling Carls. Sounds like a noise band. Can’t wait to show this to my [...]

The Role of the Unexpected

It was an emotional roller coaster of a weekend. Highs and lows all around. Situations that should be easy-peasy were oddly difficult while ones that had me anxiety-ridden and overthinking wound up being smooth like butter. Really really smooth butter. Life is funny like that.
Five good things:

This makes me SO happy: A collection of [...]

Crazy Is The Glue

I’ve always been attracted to the strange but even I have my limits. Some things straddle that line between good touch and bad touch. To demonstrate, four fun things and one creepy one:

My new favorite iPhone app, Talking Carl! “Carl Repeats everything you say with the funniest Voice.” When my voice is repeated back to [...]