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Where Threads Come Loose

I have finally hit my wall. Yesterday I just wasn’t feeling it, and couldn’t get more than a couple hundred words out. The day was spent in an unfocused haze, feeling overwhelmed because my storyline seems more convoluted than ever. Especially as I began with the most minimal of frameworks and have continued by fleshing out a scene here, a scene there, jumping in an out of the continuum like a time bandit…with a bad memory. Remembering too late that Character A doesn’t even know Character D exists until Chapter 33, but accidentally writing a scene where A mentions D in Chapter 18. Doh! And how am I going to fix everything? If I save all the continuity problems for the edit, will I be too tempted to trash the whole thing? And prospects are bleak for making my word count during this crazy week…with hair cuts to be had (today), an oil change (tomorrow), mountains of dirty dishes to be (de)scaled, the little man’s extra days off from school to contend with (Wednesday/Thursday), preparations to make for the annual Vegan Thanksgiving Potluck/Feast/Extravaganza, compulsory vists with the fam (Thursday), anticipated visits with friends coming back to town (Friday/Saturday), and a must-not miss show Saturday night. I have to keep reminding myself that the end is in sight. In these times of trouble I turn to the good book, the Creator’s No Plot? No Problem! A teeny voice is saying, “do not despair,” but it’s being drowned out by harsh words from my inner editor, and chants of “sink or swim, do or die.” This is the zero hour.
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